Disco Centerpiece

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From: $3.15 per unit
Remember the 70's? Remember Disco? Decorate your table for a disco theme party with our 13" disco ball cascade centerpiece. Our disco ball cascade centerpiece is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece.
From: $5.25 per unit
…combinations you want when you use this 8 function centerpiece to your illuminate your party decorations. Each fiber optic centerpiece uses 3 AA batteries which are not included. This fiber optic centerpiece is great for birthday parties, anniversaries, disco parties, holiday parties or anytime you want to…
From: $16.80 per unit
…D battery or AC adapter, which can be ordered seperately, item LIT184EA. It rotates a full 360 degrees. Create your own light show and use for centerpieces or table decorations. Use a flashlight or one of our own lights (located in the Unique Lamp Section) and create a mesmorizing party effect. Packed…
From: $5.25 per unit
Use our 13" fiber optic centerpiece with a cone shaped base as a decoration for your table or as a party favor. Watch the ever changing light display through its many fiber optic strands or choose from the 7 settings and choose the color you need. From Disco to Hollywood, Mardi Gras to Graduation, Birthdays…
From: $12.60 per unit
Bring in the birthday cake in lights, serve drinks or hors d'oerves or place under your centerpieces Our 14" in diameter GREEN Lighted Serving Tray is great for any restaurants or bars, clubs or homes. Our serving trays have a band of lighted E.L. wire (very safe) tat are illuminating the entire outside…
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From: $15.70 per unit
…all 3 packed in one set. Our mini party lights include a mirror ball, disco light and flashing lights all about 5" in size. Set the mood for your disco party with this great group of battery operated lights. Use as a centerpiece or table accent. Perfect prize or favor. Sold in a package which includes…
From: $0.94 per unit
Our purple 10" glow sticks are perfect for concerts, discos and dances. Simply bend crack and shake and watch them light up with a beautiful purple glow. Use as an addition to light your centerpieces for your special events. Our 10" purple glow sticks are sold 25 to a bag. Please order in increments…
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From: $5.35 per unit
…your guests to the party with our colorful metallic firnged multi color door curtain. Our multi color door curtain has a matching table skirt, centerpiece and column to add to your colorful decorations. Each door curtain comes packed in a poly bag of 1 piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece. Use…
From: $2.80 per unit
…hats. Our SILVER SEQUIN top hats are perfect for 25th birthdays, 25th anniversaries, weddings, disco parties, black tie events, New Year's Eve or anytime silver is your color. Sophisticated for centerpieces and table accents. Our silver sequin top hats are sold by the dozen. Please order in increments…
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From: $2.40 per unit
Add to your table decorations for a musical tribute to Rock & Roll or Disco with our 9" gold record plastic centerpiece. Each centerpiece is easy to put together and can be used for table numbers as well. Our gold record centerpiece is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece.
From: $4.20 per unit
Dance the night away to the disco music of the 70's and 80's. Disco is the theme for today and the perfect choice for milestone birthdays, anniversaries and holiday events. Who can forget the music of Disco Fever? Our 9 3/4" Disco Dancer Centerpiece is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of…
From: $10.10 per unit
Our 8'' disco ball is great for a centerpiece or as an accent for your disco party. Each disco ball is individually boxed and sold by the piece. Please order by the individual piece.
From: $16.80 per unit
Our 12'' Mirror Disco Ball comes individually boxed.. Perfect for centerpieces or an add on to your decorations for a Disco, Hollywood, 70's or 80's Theme parties. Please order by the individual piece.Item:
From: $13.35 per unit
Use our handsome 18" Disco Dancer Pinata as a decoration or centerpiece for your Disco, Hollywood or Musical theme party. Turn it in to a Pinata game when you fill it with toys and candy. Our Disco Dancer Pinata is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece. Don't forget to order your…
From: $3.15 per unit
Rock and roll is here to stay and is a great theme for milestone birthdays and musical events. Our 15" musical notes cascade centerpiece can be used for 50's, 60's and disco parties and is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece.